Convent of Jesus and Mary runs a private kindergarten in a breakup of two years. The kindergarten is accommodated on the same premises, but technically has no connection with the school.

 The school (Std. I to X) is divided into two distinct sections.

 The Primary School section (Stds. I – IV) is a Private school and the Secondary school section (Stds. V – X) functions under the State Education Department. Admission from Std. IV to V are not automatic but are based on merit.

 The Secondary section follows the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education System, that is, the S.S.C. syllabus

  St. Anne’s School has started Junior College for girls

 The subjects taught are English as first language, Marathi, as the second language, Hindi as the third language, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences (History/Geography). The school also offers Physical training, Value Education, Religion, Art, Craft, Information Technology, R.S.P., Personality Development, General Knowledge, Environmental Studies, Social Service, Indian and Western Music, etc.

 Free coaching for Hockey and Basketball is provided.