Hockey Is Our Passion


Late Sir Minoo Golakari coached our students for ten years and was the inspiration for the success of hockey in St. Anne’s. Sir Marian and Miss Weilson continued in his footsteps to lead our team to an even higher level


Megha Billimoria – Gold Medal at the All India Computer Knowledge Competition


Abhilasha Chellam – finalist at the Amul Voice of India 2007


Komal Nahar – International Gymnast
Pooja Marathe – 4 times National Player
Mansi Bhave – 4 times National Player


  • Ottilia Mascarenhas – Arjuna Award Winner 1973 .
  • Eliza Nelson nee Mendonca
  • Karen Karbari nee Rodriques- Ex-Air India player-1988
  • Antonette Mathew nee Fernandes – Ex-Air India player 1988
  • Nadia Sayyed – National player : 1990 – 1997
  • Nicola Moniz played in 12 Nationals and captained many a time for Maharashtra.
  • Melanie Soares – National player 4 times and attended India Junior Camp at Ranchi – 2006

Team Achievement

Pistol Shooting

International Player 4 times Gold Medalist at the National Player. Associated with 
GUN FOR GLORY – Gagan Narang’s Academy.

Siddhi Kame


International Player
National Player

Deepti Thanekar
Firoza Batliwala


Gold medalist & International Player represented Maharashtra. 5 times National & now working with the Railways(On Sports Grounds)

Neha Ghadge