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Our School Magazine ‘Annevista’ is the combination of Anne and Revista!

Portugese Name for a Magazine.

‘Anne’ is the name of our school and ‘Ravista’ is the Spanish and Portugese name for a magazine.

Help our Children to Express their Emotions

This magazine will help our children to express their emotions, thoughts and views in words, poetry and prose which will make a difference to their lives and the lives of others.


We the editorial team of St. Anne's believes in the adage ' The, Pen is the mightier than the Sword'. It has been our constant endeavor to inculcate in our children the love for reading. There is constant strife between the electronic media and books.

One does not have to belittle the importance of the internet, yet, at the same time, one cannot neglect the importance of the printed word. They wean our young minds away from games on the computer, we encourage them to reuse the literary genius which is latent in them. By encouraging them to report school events, write a story or poems, our young enthusiasts have come forward with bright ideas and eager minds.

We hope that our school magazine that 'showcases a kaleidoscope of various events as well as artistic abilities, encourages children to read and write. They should not only be aware of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, but also appreciate the talents of their classmates.


Always Be Cool. Don't have an Ego with Friends
Give up Hurting Incidences. Just Keep Loving. Mankind. Never Omit Prayers.
Quietly Remember God.Speak the Truth.
Use Valid Words. Xpress Your Zeal.

Candice Fernandes IV-A


(Under- 17 team of 2015-2016 batch)

It was a lazy Sunday morning on the 17th of Jan 2011 when the phone rang at about 11:00 when I was in Std V that year. I picked it up and heard the stern voice of Miss Lynette asking me why I wasn't present on the ground of St Vincent's. I was tremulous. In a Jiffy I got dressed and reached the ground.

After a slight barging. I joined my team mates to play the under-12 match against Anglo Urdu School. It was a keenly contested match that ended in the shootout and we won 3-1. That set the ball rolling for us. We came for practice regularly and learnt a little bit of the game.

The following year. We played as the under- 14 team. Sir Marian made us practice every day. Come rain, cold or sin. Soon we improved and the hard work paid off. That year we won the Aga Khan Cup and the DNA trophy recording impressive wins in the year 2011-2012. Under the ever watchful eye of our sports teacher Miss Lynette and the relentless coaching of Sir Marian. St. Anne's were now a force to be reckoned with. We were nicknamed the 'RED DEVILS OF PUNE.' Every tournament that we won, we victoriously grooved to the tune of the famous 'One Direction's-'BEST SONG EVER.'

In 2014.15 now playing for the under- 17 team. We won the Aga Khan and the DNA cup for the second consecutive time. The backs Khadija and purva were like barriers that prevented the opponents from penetrating. The halves – Vinchelle, Yukta and Radhika K. were like feeders that strengthened the team and dished out opportunities to the forwards – Rudrani, Sanjana, Mahima, Radhlka W. and Pankti who left no stone unturned to score the goals. Our goalie Rajlakshmi believed in 'KEEP CALM AND BLOCK THAT SHOT.'

Our team was now at its glorious best. In the final year in std X we were on a winning streak, where we won the under- 17 Aga Khan Cup, The Aga Khan Open Title, The School Olympics Gold Medal, Under- 17 Nehru Cup, Under- 17 ZP Title and made our Alma Mater proud. Thus, we achieved our best.

I, Vinchelle. Captained the team for four years. As a captain, I believed winning is not everything but wanting to win is. As I come to the end of playing hockey for my school, I shall always cherish all those

moments that I played for St. Anne's. Hockey helped me to build my character and learn valuable social skills. As a team we shall always be grateful to cur school for the constant support and guidance made available to us.

Vinchelle D’Souza


As I stand here today, I realize that this is the last time I will ever be speaking in front of the school like this and for the first time my life," I am truly terrified. As I look around I see rows of face and my eyes fill with tears because I know that after today I will never see half of these faces again

First of all I want to think you all for entrusting me with the responsibility of begin the Head Girl. Thank you Sr. Sylvia for guiding us through this year and also in primary school Sr. Diana I want to think you for your words of encouragement throughout the year. I also want to say a special thanks to Sr. Flory Who guided us through our formative years and made a lasting impression. A big thank you to each and every teacher in this school for their guidance. For all the time we hurt or disappointed you, we are truly sorry and I assure you that we leave this school with nothing but the highest respect and love for all that you have done for us. Sister and teachers as you look at all of us today I hope you feel proud.

Not so long ago, we walked through these gates with our little red frocks wailing, screaming, ‘Mom I don’t want to go in!’ but no one seemed to care for the opinion of a four year old. Little did we know that twelve years later it would be so hard to leave it begin with the Nursery and KG where we learnt our ABC and also made our first friends. We would fight with theme every single day with the usual I’m katti with you and the next day it would be promptly forgotten. The primary was a place where we learnt not only the basics of all subject but also

Learnt something far more important — how to identify the teachers pets!! 'Miss, Miss that girl is talking! Miss she didn't write that answer! 'Whenever it was someone's birthday everyone used to crowd around that girl pretending to be her best friend so we would get extra chocolates! We were so innocent! I would often fall down and would be escorted by a huge group of girls crying up the stairs to the High School to my sisters. And then we got to the fourth standard strutting around with our noses in the air, yes for we were the 'didis' of the younger classes.

Finally we made it to the High School- trudging with bags twice our size, so proud to be in the fifth. The next few years were filled with fun and laughter. The best part of our school life was the 8th, 9th and 10th. Eighth was the year when we were appointed as prefects. That year was so easy, because back then people were scared of remarks! Ninth standard was when we progressed from innocent little girls whom the teachers loved to tall, confident, big headed teenagers! Our last year started with every single person telling us to study and us doing everything but study. It was this year that I realised what an amazing batch ours was, but also one that couldn't seem to stay out of trouble .Our batch is truly one of a kind, always enthusiastic, always waiting for the next thing and above all incredibly talented. I am truly honored to have been chosen to lead this crew. One thing I've seen is that no matter what happens we will never leave each other's side. Through these years we've not

Just shared lunches and jokes, we've not just held conversations, we have made priceless memories that will not fade through the sands of time. And for years to come, these walls of the school will be echoing with the patter of feet, the chatter of our voices and resounding with our laughter.

Today we are ready to fly and enter the new world of exciting possibilities. I know I'M just 15, so are you - we are not prepared for everything we may face. As Rudyard Kipling says: If you can keep your head / when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you/
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you/
But make allowance for their doubting too/
If you can wait / and not be tired by waiting/
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies/
Or being hated, don't give way to hating/
And yet don't look too good / nor/talk/ too / wise.
So, go out with your head held high and rule the world. We've had the time of our lives. So here's to the times we danced like no one’s watching. Here's to all the times we laughed like no one's hearing and the times we cried like the world is ending. Here's to amazing friends, unforgettable memories and a perfect moment. Here's to saying goodbye.

Nimisha Noronha